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How Does She Do It? Meet the Girl Who Fit a Laptop and Three Beverages on a Penn Desk


Photo by pxhere  / CC0

Lindsey Holmes (C’21) may seem just like any other student, but there is something very special about her. When Lindsey sits at her impossibly small desk during lectures, her desk is not covered by just her laptop in a precarious position. When Lindsey sits at her impossibly small desk, her laptop is surrounded by not one, not two, but three beverages. That’s right, folks. Lindsey can fit her Nalgene, large coffee, and cold pressed grapefruit juice all on the same desk. How does she do it?

“It was a lot of trial and error. I can’t count how many times I spilled scalding hot coffee all over my neighbor and their laptop,” she reminisced with a smile. “And it’s important to remember that the process is never perfect. My classmates have learned to move their desks away from mine, but I still stain a pair of white sneakers every now and then.”

When she’s not spending 30 dining dollars a day at Pret, Lindsey enjoys taking frequent trips to the bathroom and never cleaning out her Nalgene.