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Louie Louie Booked Entirely by Freshman NSO Couples Celebrating Six Months


Photo by Wyatt Fisher / CC BY-SA 2.0

The overpriced Louie Louie on Walnut is a common stop for tourists and visiting parents. However, freshman who started dating during NSO haven’t figured that out yet, and this month is their collective six-monthiversary.

“I rented this tuxedo!” said baby-faced Tommy Wilson (C '22) as he adjusted his tie during an interview “If she doesn’t offer to split the bill, I might just cry.”

“I, for one, forgot to branch out all year… my date is pretty much my only Ivy League connection. Wish me luck.” Tommy slicked back his hair and stumbled back to his date.

“I’m in the College, but she’s in Wharton.” said other freshman, Tiffany Greenberg. You could say this relationship is a long term investment. Lord knows I won’t make enough money as a Cinema Studies major.”

Love is in the air, and sweat is on the palms tonight. Happy six months to all the nuggets out there.