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OP-ED: I Totally Know Who Miguel Is, but I’m Asking to Make Sure You Know…


Photos (with edits by Adam First) by Andy Witchger / CC BY 2.0 and Santiago Zavala / CC BY 2.0

Oh wow, so Miguel is gonna be playing at Fling. That’s awesome...right? Is it good or not good? Yeah, yeah, I totally think it’s good too. 

I really like his, uh, music. You know that music that he makes and people listen to. Like that one song he sings when the words come out of his mouth? And then halfway through when he switches from the verse into a chorus. So good am I right, fellow Miguel fan?

I’d definitely call myself a Miguel fan. What do you mean I’m not? I know all about Miguel and the things he does. This is not at all like the Eagles situation. I was totally a fan of theirs too before February 4th, 2018.