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Study: Mo Bamba #1 Cause of Jonathan Saying the N-Word


Photo by bartkusa / CC BY-SA 2.0

On Thursday, Jonathan, a definitively white man, said the N-word for the 76th recorded time this month. The cause? Singing along to rapper Sheck Wes’ smash hit sensation "Mo Bamba".

After this particular instance, Mo Bamba became the leading cause of Jonathan saying the N-word. Experts say this is likely due to a combination of Jonathan thinking it’s okay to say the word in a song and the fact that, according to him, "'Mo Bamba' slaps."

A few months ago, primary causes of Jonathan saying the N-word were ignorance and having no black friends.  As soon as Mo Bamba went viral, however, it quickly became a contender. 

“'Mo Bamba' is really having an impact on Jonathan right now," said Dr. Ari Cooper, the lead researcher o the study. “We certainly expect the trend to die down in a few weeks and for Jonathan to return to saying the N-word for other unjustifiable reasons.”

Sheck Wes has declined to comment on this matter.