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Nice! This Senior Has Nothing Lined up After Graduation but Is Okay with That Because His Lifestyle Permits Failure


Photo by Max Pixel / CC0

College senior Chad Michaels has nothing lined up after graduation at the moment, and he’s okay with that.  

“I’ve put in a decent effort to find something, but I just haven’t. I feel like I’m going to be alright, so there’s no need to stress over something like this.”

In contrast to Michaels, many seniors who have not yet found a post-graduation opportunity aren't coping well. 

An effigy of the Google logo was recently burned in the engineering quad, reportedly with a college recruiter tied down at the top.  

The pressure from employed seniors doesn’t help. It’s reported that a gang of seniors — all of them headed to Goldman Sachs as analysts — raided the Saxby’s on 40th, throwing hot coffee at people, and uttering, “Employed yet, idiot?” and “Guess it’s public sector for you, loser,” to several patrons. One victim is said to have been a ten-year-old girl.

But none of this is getting to Michaels, because he doesn’t take failure to heart.  

“I’m just aware that I’ll need to fail in order to succeed, and I’m okay with that. In fact, I welcome failure, cause I know it means I’m trying.”

Unbeknownst to Chad, he has been blacklisted by over ten thousand companies around the world for embellishing his LinkedIn profile with a fake profile photo of young Joe Biden.