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Healthy! Freshman Plans to De-stress Over Break and Take 7 Summer Courses


Photo by pxhere / CC0

Ah, summer. A time to relax, catch up with family and friends, and simply let loose.

But for Katrina Kirkpatrick (E ‘22), summer vacation is no time for slacking off.

“I’ve gotta keep my mind sharp like a knife,” Kirkpatrick said, pressing her fingers to her temples. “Anyways, it can’t hurt to get ahead on my courses right?” 

This summer, Kirkpatrick will be taking CHEM 241, CHEM 242, MATH 241, BIOL 203, BIOL 404, BIOL 407, and CIS 160 (just for fun, of course). Come fall of sophomore year, she will have completed seven full credits worth of pain.

“Oh, but don’t worry,” Kirkpatrick said, furiously twiddling her thumbs. “I have one of those kneaded erasers to keep my stress levels down.”

Despite her busy academic schedule, Kirkpatrick indeed has plans to wind down and relax. For example, this break she is going to watch Netflix, walk her dog, and read a book.

“I’ve carved out a generous 10 minutes for TV watching weekly, and I’m sure the dog will be fine getting walked every other month,” Kirkpatrick said, furiously checking her planner. “Oh, and I can’t wait to start reading Ordinary Differential Equations by Tenenbaum and Pollard. I hear it’s a real page turner.”

Overall, Kirkpatrick is excited to get a jump-start on her education in a drastic move that is totally not systematic of any underlying problems within a wage-driven, money-obsessed society.

“I’m not taking seven summer courses for the resume or to get hired or anything, no, no. I’m taking seven summer courses because… uh…” Kirkpatrick trailed off as she squinted and shuffled around her note cards. “I have a genuine interest in learning. Yeah.”