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Hero in Our Midst: Tall White Guy Turns on Projector for Professor


Photo by AUM OER / CC BY 2.0

This past Monday, Urban Studies professor Margaret Landon walked into her 10:30 a.m. class, not expecting the curveball that was about to be thrown at her. 

Expecting to smoothly present lecture slides to her class, Landon was shocked when the projector she thought would work didn't even turn on. When the projector screen was still black even after “plugging the thingy into the thingy,” she knew she was in for 13 minutes of embarrassing technical difficulties. 

Even after toggling with the volume buttons and turning the classroom lights on and off again, Landon could not get her presentation to appear in front of the class. 

But God willing, Jared Donovan was there to save the day. 

“Uhhhhh Professor?” he started. “I don’t think it’s on.” 

“Oh, of course!” the professor replied, as she stood on her tiptoes to see if her 5’1” frame would elevate her to the projector’s on/off button. 

Donovan let her struggle for a moment, but leapt out of his seat to come to her aide before she could even ask for help. 

He lifted his arm swiftly and calmly, making sure everyone in the lecture hall saw how tall and strong and tall and hot and tall he was. With a smug grin on his face, Donovan confidently strutted back to his seat. Even though the class didn’t erupt in applause like he thought they would, Donovan seemed to enjoy his five seconds of heroism. 

As for any potential reward for his efforts, Landon relays that "Mr. Donovan will be lucky if he gets a B-"