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Oh Fuck: Exam Is Cumulative


Photo by Paul Fisher / CC BY-SA 2.0

God damn it. The professor just told your class that your second midterm is cumulative, going all the way back to Lecture 1. What was Lecture 1? The scientific method or something? Wait — does the procedure go before or after the hypothesis? Fuck, who knows.

You haven’t even glanced at that material since the night before the first midterm. Hell, you haven’t glanced at the new material either, so now you’re doubly screwed. 

You still have a week before the exam, so it wouldn’t be that hard to learn everything if you started now. But it’s Tuesday, and you told Liz you’d go to Kweder tonight. Tomorrow you finish class at 6 and then it’s Caroline’s 21st birthday party at 8, so no time there. Thursday is basically the weekend, and are you really going to study for a Tuesday exam over the weekend?

How dare the professor assume you can recall any material from February. Remember February? When you actually took notes in class and did the homework without Googling the answers? That was a different you, before 'studying' meant using the textbook as a rolling surface.

Look — everyone knows one class won’t destroy your GPA. But that’s what you told yourself three semesters ago after getting your first C. Five C’s and a D later, how does that GPA look?

Well fuck. You’re going to get another C. Good thing your dad’s company doesn’t verify grades.