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"It Is What It Is" Says Student Who Just Aced the Midterm


Photo by Peterlocicero / CC BY-SA 4.0

No doubt, Monday’s midterm was definitely a doozy. So when class genius Rafael Lewis (E ‘22) made a snarky remark about how the exam went, his peers were understandably annoyed.

“Time! Stop working and pass your papers to the aisle!”

Upon hearing the professor's command, Lewis put down his pencil, furrowed his brow, and passed his paper down the row with a sigh.

“It is what it is,” Lewis audibly announced, a slight smirk forming on his face. 

Shut up, Rafael. Everyone knows you did perfectly fine on the exam.

Oh, don’t give me that self-satisfied shrug. You literally spent the last half-an-hour triple-checking your work. There is no way you scored lower than an A.

In fact, I spotted you studying yesterday in the engineering quad. There you were, laptop and all, furiously skimming through every past exam, lecture recording, and homework problem. You didn’t get up to eat. You didn’t get up to pee. You spent five hours straight just studying for this test. Believe me; I watched you the entire time.

So stop acting like you’re coming to terms with your supposed "failure." It demoralizes your peers and contributes to the slow but steady degradation of Penn’s academic atmosphere.

And most importantly, it gives actual deadbeats like me a bad name.