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Sad! This Boy Hasn't Gotten a Notification on His Phone All Class


Photo from pxhere / CC0

Breaking news reports that when Ryan Frampton (C ’21) got out of his History of Modern Thought class on Tuesday, he had not gotten a notification on his phone all class. This is extra-embarrassing because inside sources report that Frampton has allowed for push notifications from nearly every single app on his phone — even crazy ones such as Calculator and Slack. History of Modern Thought is an hour and 20 minutes long, which isn’t that long, but it’s not that short either. To go a whole hour and 20 minutes without anything on your phone trying to communicate with you is truly humiliating.

Classmates report Frampton staring at his phone for a second, dejected and utterly heartbroken, before pretending that he had only been pulling out his phone to put on Spotify anyway. “It was hard to watch,” said classmate Tina Struthers (C '22). “Everyone knows you’re supposed to send a text message right before class, so you have a response when you get out.” Looking sad, Struthers added, “Or maybe he did do that.”

Frampton had put his phone on Airplane Mode so he wouldn’t cause any disruptions during class, so this is going to be a hard blow to recover from come Tuesday.