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Deborah Feeling Real Fucking Cocky After Calling her Congressman


Early Thursday morning after listening to The Daily’s coverage of Trump’s EPA, 20-year-old Deborah Glass called her congressman, and boy, did she feel like a fucking beast.

Matt, the intern who picked up the phone, was not prepared for the level of civic concern Deborah was about to spill into her message for centrist Democrat Dan Lipinski of Illinois’ third district. 

Deborah needed Mr. Lipinski to know that, quite frankly, his constituents were not happy. He might have thought they were happy, but Deborah, of all people, could assure him they were not. 

From the uh-huh's and yes ma'am's on the other side of the line, Deborah could tell the intern was amazed at her deep love and concern for their shared nation. I mean, for g-d sakes, do you know all of the things she had to do today? So many things. She hadn't even restocked her cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joe's yet, and she made time to call the office of Dan Lipinski. 

Deborah left the phone call feeling absolutely stunning, despite the fact that during the phone call she couldn’t quite remember the facts from the NYT podcast that she had meant to share in her message to the congressman. Yes, Deborah had gotten pretty flustered on the phone with the 18-year-old intern, but, honestly, nobody else was calling, so it's fine.

Deborah is basically the only person who has ever called her Congressman. 

Friends of Deborah reported she had an extra little glisten in her eye each of the 50 times throughout the day she veered conversation towards her phone call with the congressman’s office.