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Class of 2026 Excited to be First Customers at Steve's Prince of Steaks


Photo (with edits) by Adam First / The Daily Pennsylvanian; Wikipedia / Public Domain 

Oh they just can’t wait to eat steak! Potential members of the Penn class of 2026 have already begun filling out applications for the 2022-2023 school year. Each one is hoping and praying to be on campus just in time for the actual opening of Steve's Prince of Steaks. 

While Steve’s temporarily opened in January of this year, they shuttered quickly after because... reason? But that’s not important right now, Steve’s is here and they’re ready to serve the community of west Philadelphia, eventually. Rumors quickly spread of the restaurant’s sudden closure. The leading theory is that they’re playing a game of restaurant hide and seek so they keep the lights off so no one can see them. 

Reviews for Steve’s have been generally positive, according to the total of four students who have been able to enter and eat, including  current sophomore Malcom Kelly. “Steve’s is an institution around campus,” said Kelly, “or I mean I guess it could be in the future if they were open more?

But open they will be! Soon, we think. Yeah, definitely for those new freshman… in 2022. Kelly has been waiting outside in the cold for his chicken steak with waffle fries since January. Said Kelly, “I know the wait will be worth it, and hey at least it’s not taking as long as Frontera”