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Correction: HamCo Actually Short for Ham Company


Photo by Chase Sutton / The Daily Pennsylvanian

In a shocking turn of events, reports are coming out that 'HamCo', the name of an apartment complex that many believed to be an abbreviation of Hamilton Court, is actually short for Ham Company.

This embarrassing correction was made in an emergency statement issued by the building manager, Jebediah Ham, late last night. Ham shared some passionate words with UTB reporters on the scene. “My father, Lawrence Wyatt Ham IV, did not construct this building with his own two hands for ungrateful college students to refer to it as ‘Hamilton Court.’ Us Hams are proud folk, and we simply will not tolerate this widespread misconception.”

Theories as to why so many Penn students believed the building’s name to be Hamilton Court abound. Jebediah suggested that it may have been due to the popularity of the musical Hamilton, which he said “didn’t live up to the hype.” Others have proposed that Hamilton Court is just a more reasonable name for an apartment complex than Ham Company, which, to be fair, sounds really dumb.