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OP-ED: Clicking Interested on Facebook Events is Doing Enough to Combat Injustice


Photo by Scott Newman / The Daily Pennsylvanian 

An intensifying climate crisis, structural inequality, and the ever-worrying reemergence of fascism. So many catastrophes, so little time — and I’m a pretty busy guy (just check my Google Calendar). 

Listen, I want to do my part to make the world a better place. I mean, don’t we all? And you know what, I am applying for an internship for the Global Philanthropy Initiative at Goldman Sachs, so maybe get down off of that high horse of yours. 

But actually going to the events that I say I’m interested in on Facebook? Good luck with that. Do you really think a student of my caliber and achievement really has the time to attend a protest against the gentrification of West Philly. Life is all about trade-offs, and that darty I’m supposed to attend at the same time sounds like a lot more fun. And besides, those buildings were kinda ugly anyway. 

I’m sure the climate strike is important or whatever, but the UN says the world is ending in twelve years and I need to make sure I’m rich enough to afford a bunker. I think the awareness I’m spreading by clicking interested is doing more than enough to fight climate change. Didn’t I see you drinking out of a plastic bottle anyway?

So, despite your efforts to get me to do otherwise, I will continue to fight for what’s right from the comfort of my own bed. I say it’s the best way to do it.