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Intense Love Affair Blossoming Between Anonymous Ferret and Anonymous Manatee in Shared Google Doc


Photo by Satan_MKII / CC BY 2.0

The impassioned trials and tribulations of star-crossed lovers have captured our intention since Shakespearean times. In the same tradition as Romeo and Juliet, the sexual tension between two collaborators in this shared study guide is really heating up. While “Psych 101 Midterm (Definitions)” might not sound like the most romantic setting, Anonymous Ferret and Anonymous Manatee prove to the cold and cruel world around them true connections only require love, regardless of those who will doubt or disapprove.

While this affair is currently still relegated to the digital realm, and the lovers’ identities are kept secret, things are getting pretty intense. When Anonymous Ferret added a comment asking whether the hippocampus or the amygdala was more important in the formation of fear conditioning, and the Manatee — a marine mammal known for its high intellect and romantic inclinations — responded, “ur hot."

While the pair was last seen collaborating on the Pavlovian conditioning section, rumors began to circulate among the others in the document. When asked about the scandalous affair, Anonymous Goose said that they were worried about the real-world ramifications of the potentially-illicit love affair. 

“Last I heard they were sending nudes in Gchat,” Anonymous Goose added. “Which doesn’t really make sense. I mean, aren’t all animal pictures nudes?”