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BREAKING: Meet at the Tampons for Some Club Hazing


Photo by The Daily Pennsylvanian 

New members – meet at the Tampons at 8:00 this Saturday.

You may never have gone west of 38th Street, but we, the Penn Billiards Club, are just going to assume you know where that is. 

This is not optional. You'll really be missing a ton by not going on this scavenger hunt with seven other freshmen and two juniors, all of whom you do not know. Don't worry. It'll be fun. We'll give you one shot of Banker's before you start!

You have to drink it! (Unless drinking alcohol violates some part of your diet, is against your religion, or just makes you uncomfy! We're playing a part — we're pledge masters for a night!)

Plan to be done with all this around 11:00 P.M. That's when we'll be done yelling at you for being new. Expect us to look at our friends for reassurance as we scream at you — we don't know what we're doing! 

It'll also be fun to watch us not know how to haze the two juniors (we let them in because they are our friends!). They will probably be laughing the whole time because they are too cool and old for this whole ordeal. 

Allow time till 11:00 A.M. on Sunday. You're going to get way too drunk at the BYO afterward and are probably going to want to sleep in.

Welcome to PBC.