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Quiz: Is This Karma? Or a Direct Consequence of Your Actions?


Photo from pxhere / CC0

Are you someone who frequently has bad luck? Do things just never go your way sometimes? It can be hard to know whether these bad things are occurring because you have bad karma or because they’re just direct consequences of your actions. UTB made a quiz to help you figure out which one it is.

Scenario 1: You totally fail a chem test. Which of the following things preceded the exam?

  • a) You accidentally killed your pet fish when you were 4 years old.
  • b) You didn’t study.
  • c) The night before the exam, you went to a concert and pretended that your friend was at the front so that you could push in front of everyone.

Scenario 2: Your girlfriend breaks up with you. Which of the following things happened before that?

Scenario 3: Everyone you meet seems to think you’re a real dick. Which of the following things has happened previously?

If you got mostly a’s: Is there maybe something else you’re forgetting about? These events have nothing to do with what’s happened to you. Try thinking a little harder.

If you got mostly b’s: This is not karma, it’s a direct consequence of your actions. That should’ve been really obvious.

If you got mostly c’s: This is not karma, it’s a direct consequence of your actions. You just think it’s karma because you have no self-awareness and you’re not very bright.