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Friend Group of Three Torn Apart by Duos

Photo (with edits by Elizabeth Beugg) by Mason Elms / The Daily Pennsylvanian

“Three’s a crowd when it comes to two person costumes, you know?” Bethany Wilson (C ‘21) explained. It is a sunny October day in William’s Cafe, but Wilson’s stormy demeanor stands at odds with the ambience. Wilson is joined by Farah Consuelos (C ‘21). Both students are mainstays in the cafe, usually joined by Raquel Antonoff (C ‘21), who is uncharacteristically absent this afternoon. 

Today, Wilson and Consuelos are lamenting the dissolution of their three-person friend group due to a costume related dispute. The three students had purchased tickets to the popular Halloween downtown “Duos,” unaware of its implications on the dynamic of their trio. Antonoff, unfortunately, got the boot.  

“We didn’t want to do it,” Wilson continued. “It’s just that I wanted to be Serena van der Woodsen and Farah wanted to be Blair Waldorf and...and Raquel’s a redhead. Who was she supposed to be? That random Southern heiress from season three? No, it’s called Duos for a reason.” 

Antonoff acknowledged their argument, but could not come to terms with being the odd one out. “No one wants to be Bree Buckley. She was a blip in an otherwise flawless narrative. I just don’t understand why I could wear a wig, or why Farah gets to be Blair even though she is spineless and slow-witted. Blair’s iron will and ingenuity seem a little more integral to her character than, say, her hair color, don’t you think?” 

Wilson and Consuelos are adjusting to their new life as a friend group of two. Antonoff has vowed never to trust again.