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A Penn Freshman's Guide to Using LinkedIn


Photo by TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay License 

How should a Penn freshman use LinkedIn? The answer: they should not. Do not, under any circumstances, use LinkedIn.

Recent studies have shown that you should not use LinkedIn. Other studies have shown that LinkedIn is good to use; this, however, is not the case. LinkedIn is in fact very not good to use and you should, therefore, not use it. Furthermore, whatever you do, do not go on LinkedIn. Avoid LinkedIn at all costs

One Penn student said, "LinkedIn is no good to use. I would not recommend anyone use LinkedIn who is a Penn student or Penn freshman." Another different student said, "LinkedIn should not be used by any Penn student, including you if you are indeed a Penn student. Penn freshmen are Penn students, logically speaking. Therefore, you should not use LinkedIn if you are a Penn freshman.

In conclusion, how should Penn freshman use LinkedIn? In conclusion, they should not.