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Rebecca Reporting She’s Actually Pretty Gone Right Now


Photo by Shoshi Wintman / The Daily Pennsylvanian

After three shots of fireball in her sorority sister’s apartment, Rebecca is reporting she’s actually pretty gone right now.

Standing in the newly refurbished kitchen dining room combo and ready to head over to her ZBT mixer, Rebecca was feeling young, wild, and free. She was ready to get crazy, right after she put the shot glasses in the sink for easy clean up later. No one could stop her. 

That night, there were no rules — within reason. She was going to get wild — but a firm line was going to be drawn well before cocaine. She would take no bullshit — unless the bouncer at smokes said she was not, in fact, 23, in which case she would respectfully take her face glitter and ID and walk away.

The group of Gamma Beta’s were clad in their loosely recognizable Halloween costumes, which mostly consisted of face glitter. “I think they are literally just dressed as girls with face glitter,” said one brother at the party. 

Rebecca thought the costumes were very quirky-cool.

“WE ARE THRIVING,” she screamed walking into the ZBT chapter house even though the party had not really started, and nobody asked her to scream.

The entire mixer Rebecca was feeling herself. She was going to get wobbly, she was going to dance with her hands a lot, she was going to make herself a big presence in the tiny room, and, with another drink in hand, you know she was going to take up an offensive amount of space on the dance floor.

“Every 15 minutes or so Rebecca would be like, ‘I’m literally feeling so gone rn.’” Said Rebecca’s best friend Aysha. “I was just like, ‘oh I know sweaty. I know.’”