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OP-ED: Let Girls Wear Whatever Slutty Costume They Want Except Sexy Joker Because That's Mine


Photo by Arman Murphy and from pxhere / CC0, edits by Arman Murphy

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Costumes, candy, jack-o-lanterns…it's my drug. I look forward to October 31st all year long, and I spend those 364 days planning out the perfect costume (I have a really great one this year!). It's the perfect holiday...in every way but one.

Every single year, girls are shamed for wearing costumes that "show too much skin." Slut-shaming continues to rear its ugly head, and I think it's abhorrent. It's nobody's business what girls wear for Halloween. Nobody's. 

Society needs to stop telling women what they are and aren't allowed to wear unless it's telling them that they better fucking not dress up as sexy Joker for Halloween because that's my costume.

If ladies want to show off as a little bit of skin, why shouldn't they? Let them dress up as a slutty devil, a cop showing some cleavage, or literally anything else. They're just having fun and not hurting anyone. As long as they're not painting their faces the colors of Joaquin Phoenix's Joker, I don't see any problem with it. If they do, of course, there will be hell to pay. I swear to God.

Personally, I find wearing sexy costumes empowering. I put a lot of work into my body and I should be allowed to show it off. I'm looking forward to showing the world Arthur Fleck's toned midriff this weekend and if anyone tells me to put a shirt on I'm going to lose it. It's 2019, for fuck's sake. Mind your own business.

In summary: let girls wear whatever they want, no matter how slutty. But don't let them even think about dressing up as sexy Joker.