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From McKinsey to K-Pop: Wharton Alum Has Locked BTS in a Cage


Photo (with edits by Elias Rappaport) from WikiCommons / CC BY 3.0 and  Pixabay

When 2017 Wharton MBA graduate Steve Donovan left McKinsey, he was worried that his days of facilitating the immoral detainment of innocent people were over. He doesn’t have to worry anymore! As of this morning, Donovan has locked world-renowned K-pop supergroup BTS in a small steel cage.

“It’s not the kind of opportunity that comes along very often,” said Donovan in an exclusive interview with Under the Button. “As soon as I got the call telling me I could get the chance to help enclose BTS behind cold metal bars, I knew that I had to take it.” 

Donovan expressed admiration for the work of BTS in speaking with UTB representatives. “They’re huge, you know? My boss at McKinsey is going to be so proud of me for this. I mean, children are one thing, but K-pop stars? That’s a big deal.”

In closing, Donovan thoughtfully conveyed a sense of humility about the opportunity. “Obviously I get to do stuff like this at McKinsey all the time, but being able to lock undeserving people in jail in my personal life, too? I mean, how lucky am I?”