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Senior Denied AI Internship by AI Interviewer


Photos (with edits) by Adam First / The Daily Pennsylvanian; Pixabay / Pixabay License

Engineering senior Steve Charnin’s summer application apparently didn’t have that genuine human angle he was hoping for. His internship search has not proved too successful as of late, with the most recent bad news arriving from artificial intelligence company “SmRtRDenU.” 

Charnin would have been the only human at the firm that summer and was looking forward to the opportunity to form real bonds with his coworkers. He thought he had nailed the interview, only to receive a short rejection response just .32 seconds after hanging up through Skype. 

Charnin, unfortunately, still feels dejected by the whole experience. “I just have so many unanswered questions," Charnin said. "Was it how I listed my courses on my resume, if I didn’t mention how I've grown enough in the interview, or why a bunch of AIs want a college intern in the first place?” 

Luckily for Charnin, UTB reached out to SmARtRDenU for comment and received an insightful response from an inside source. 

“Steve was a great possible option for us to consider our own and we could have loved to have maybe a chance to see him in our internship was that the way he did was such an amazing way. His skills are so much more than what I thought was going to be able for him to get done and then we just trying to figure out how much they were going through. In this one future we could do it for sure but we don’t think it was a good thing to say that he was going to work with us now. We also did not have a time for the rest of the persons meeting with him but I think he’s going to be able do great things with us maybe tomorrow and we will perhaps talk to him tomorrow about that."

- PRA1D1F3EIMZUU#923, President and Founder SmARtRDenU