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Boring Stat Professor Fails to Reject the Dull Hypothesis


Photo by Prefeitura de Olinda // CC BY 2.0

Look, the joke is in the title. I really don't have that much to say about this. I came up with this while bored in STAT-102. It's not even the professor's fault, he's actually a fairly engaging lecturer. Does that compromise the premise of this article? Maybe.

In a way, this extremely lazy writing is a pretty groundbreaking stylistic choice. Not a lot of Under the Button articles immediately abandon any attempt to be funny or stick to the joke in the headline. Some of them probably should.

My editor, Jack Meeyoff, has been breathing down my neck all fucking day asking me to write this article. Are you really that excited about this shit? Come on. I pitched this and even I know it's a B- at best. Just like I'll get in STAT-102.