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Mayor Pete’s Grindr Nudes Leaked


Graphic by Elias Rappaport / The Daily Pennsylvanian; Photo by Alexander Morgan; Photo by Dating Scout; Photo by Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0; Photo by WikiCommons / CC BY-SA 3.0; Screenshot from Spotify; Photo by WikiCommons / CC0

For affluent white men who have largely enjoyed a life of privilege while being marginally inconvenienced by their sexuality, Pete Buttigieg’s candidacy in the current Presidential race has represented the shattering of a glass ceiling. Some, however, have raised concerns that Buttigieg’s sexuality may be weaponized against him in the general election. These fears have been magnified in light of the recent scandal now being dubbed GrindrGate. 

In a conversation with the profile “DepravedSubLking4DomTop,” Buttigieg is believed to have exchanged nudes with the individual in exchange for the other’s reassurance that his work at McKinsey did not, in any capacity, contribute to the ongoing evisceration of the American middle class. While there still remains some confusion surrounding Buttigieg’s motives, analysts have suggested that his behavior might stem from a crisis of confidence caused by his rat-like demeanor. 

Buttigieg’s campaign has not immediately responded to a request for comment on the developing scandal and some say it is too early to tell how it will affect his polling. If Buttigieg is to assume the office of the presidency, it will continue the tradition of truly sexually depraved individuals (in an arcane, Freudian sense) assuming the most powerful position in the world.