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Can You Guess the Campus Building Based on My Bad Drawing of It?


Photos by Zach Sheldon / Daily Pennsylvanian; Erica Xin / Daily Pennsylvanian; Luke Chen / Daily Pennsylvanian; Maria Murad / Daily Pennsylvanian. Drawings by Adam First and Dana Cohen.

Penn's campus has got just so many cool and funky buildings, and I wanted to honor each one in a way that is meaningful and impactful. See if you can identify each of these campus structures based on my fine arts degree worthy drawing of it. Slide the slider back and forth over each picture to reveal the answer!

#1: Take a look at this sketch. Any guesses? Hint: Better not drop your metal water bottle inside this coral wonder of the east. 

That's right, it's Fisher Fine Arts Library! Sure, I might have imagined the clock tower, but doesn't it feel like there should totally be one?  

#2: Ok, next picture time. You've probably spent a lot of time here, so just how observant were you?

If you guessed Van Pelt, you're correct! Wow, great job! I really thought that one was going to stump you. You're basically an architecture connoisseur at this point. Time to kick it up a notch. 

#3: Take a gander at this ink and paper beauty. An architectural masterpiece in one way, and a cultural one in another. 

It's the Perry the Platypus World House! A space that is often opened to guests of the university, such as Elena Chachko, Phineas, Ferb, and literally the biggest TV east of the Mississippi. 

#4: The majesty of this structure has certainly had an immeasurable impact on university life. 

Welcome to Castle everyone! Well, not really welcome... and not really everyone. If you're interested in getting inside, your best bet is a slight nod and a Penn maintenance shirt. Sure, my drawing may not look like Castle, but Castle doesn't even look like a castle. Where is the moat? Where is the drawbridge??  What about the dragons???

#5: You've gotten so good at this, no hint this time! Take a look and make a guess. I know you'll get this one! 

You guessed it! It's Claudia Cohen Hall! Home of probably your advisor's office up at least nine flights of stairs and I don't know I don't think much else? Maybe admissions is there now? Who knows, it's green and it isn't College Hall. 

If you correctly identified all five, congratulations! You spend too much time looking up at and enjoying the fresh air and world around you, you weirdo. Stare at your phone more like a normal person next time.