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Louie Louie Newie! Ooey Gooey Chewy Ratatouille!


Photo (with edits by Ian Ong) by jules / CC BY 2.0

Yessiree: a groovy new chewie for the choosy foodie is on duty.

Louie Louie’s new ratatouille is truly a beauty — so sue me! Thankfully, it’s so absolutely fruity, not dewy like brûlée, nor gluey like chop suey! It has moved me fully.

The zucchini’s unduly juicy, a buoy in a loosy-goosy gloopy soup. Whoo-ee! Plenty stewy for John Dewey, Huey Lewis, and Judge Judy — truly!

Roomy belly? Phooey to screwy sushi and gloomy smoothies!

Louie Louie’s new ratatouille is a doozy.