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Student Graduates With Penn GPA 2.7, Sims 4 University of Britechester GPA 4.0


Screen Capture by Natalia Joseph from Electronic Arts' Sims 4

Dual-university art history major Selin Goktas (C '22) has found her classes at Penn to be "taxing and a total waste of time." However, she raves about the all-consuming rigor of virtual Ivy League-esque Brightchester's distinguished degree courses. 

"My archeology and charisma skills are maxed out, and I'm a level eight painting skill, so getting straight A's is a breeze here," Goktas boasted. "I'm really setting myself up well for a high-paying critic career or maybe even one as a style influencer."

When asked about real-life opportunities with her 2.7 Penn GPA, she rolled her eyes and said, "Oh what, like I want to work at the boring PMA or the Met *raspberry noise*." Then she gave us two thumbs down because, of course, those jobs are totally lame compared to the fabulous level nine Make-Over Miracle Worker gig. 

Goktas is right — as long as her parents continue to pay for new Sims games, including the highly-anticipated Sims 5, she will never have to worry about getting a real job.