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OP-ED: Thank Writing Seminar, I Are Better Write


Photo By Pikrepo / CC0

Proposition: Righting seminar make freshman good writes

Audience: Writing seminar teechier and freshies

Genre: Opnon

Motive of Author: Writing seminar good

Motive of Reader: To better write

Rhetorical Strategies: Fax and lawjik

Keywords: Englsh, writes, good, very good.

(Given): Some freshmin might wright before collage. 

(Given): But 5 AP Literature and Lang bad. No count. Also newspaper bad. They no real writing. Grate Gatsby and Belovd not real english. They no have see true writes before. How Dog Thonks real literacher.

(Thus): Righting seminar teach freshys real true riting skills.

(How): I skewered a 5 in AP Lit and Lang. I award in newspaper. I thought I good. Writing seminar me show so much more of write. 

(For Example): When now I read book, all I think “ReEEEEeEeeeEe FInDD P-pp-PPropOsitiOOON”. When I find, I hilite, and then close book because I done, according to write esmar.

(Given): All freeshies dont know how to take note.

(Given): All freeshies never seen pots-it, highliter, o paper before.

(Given): Only reed PDF. No real book. 

(Thus): Good use PowourNotes. Very appliable and useful skil.

(How): Now I only read PDF command F. Real book no good. No command F. I need powernote in corner.

(How): I gib powernotes permiss “read and change information on website that I access”. No sekurty risk here at all. 

(Given): All freahiesm benafit from riting semar. 

(Given): Semar teech plus good usefull skills in the real life.

(Thus): Good reeson Painn require freshem take. 

(How): I rightt beter now. I wrote book. In stile writing sem me taught. 

(For Example): I publish. I deserf Poolizer.