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Sorority Sister Posts Smiling Date Night Photo Despite Family Being Murdered Minutes Before


Photo by bagarteaga0 / Public Domain

When followers of College junior Clara Stevens scrolled through Instagram Friday afternoon, they saw a post that was in no way out of the ordinary: a picture of Stevens and her sorority sisters smiling, surrounded by those weird streaky lights party photographers love to include.

But what they didn’t know was that mere minutes before this photo was taken, Stevens’s entire family had been murdered.

At 10:34 P.M. that night, Stevens received a phone call from her mother. But instead of her mother on the other end, it was a police officer. 

“He basically said that some guy with a machete literally like hacked all the limbs off my mom, dad, and two brothers before like cutting their heads off,” Stevens said. “I was like, whoa, that’s crazy.”

But during the phone call, Stevens’s friend called her over to pose for a picture.

Stevens said, “I mean I know my family just like died or whatever, but I had to get a picture for the ‘gram to show everyone that I have a cool life and stuff. So I just hung up while that cop was saying something about funeral arrangements.” 

Overall, Stevens said, it was a good night. “My family did all get murdered, and I didn’t really have a good time dancing or whatever, but at least I got a photo that looked good,” she said, “and at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.”