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Penn Early Decision Interview to Be Conducted Over Snapchat Video


Photo by PickPik / Attribution

In an effort to cut costs and minimize physical person-to-person interaction in light of the coronavirus, Penn Admissions has announced that all early decision interviews will be conducted through a Snapchat video call. 

“With the coronavirus rampant, and with applicants and interviewers less and less enthusiastic about meeting in person, we have decided to use Snapchat to conduct interviews,” said Penn Dean of Admissions Eric Furda. 

The change has been applauded by incoming students and admissions officers.

“At first, I was dreading the interview,” said Penn hopeful Quentin Compson. “But now that the interview is on Snapchat, I’m not sweating it. I don’t even need to put on pants. But it does mean I have to change my Bitmoji from a fat rainbow Santa bunny to something more professional.”

College admissions officers also praised the move. 

“The college admissions process is a really daunting process, and its made even more stressful by the coronavirus,” said admissions counselor Ohs Iris. “By using Snapchat, we hope to take some of that stress off by using a platform the students are familiar with.” 

However, many Penn interviewers are not happy with the decision. 

“I don’t really know what the snapchap thing is” said Felix Hoenikker, Wharton ‘69, who has been interviewing for Penn for fifty years now. “Is it some sort of Morse Code through snapping your fingers? I'm good at that.”