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8 Easy Classes You Can Take Senior Fall Because You Dropped a CU Every Semester


Photo by Elias Rappaport / The Daily Pennsylvanian

You have to take eight classes this coming fall semester. You have to. You partied too much. You thought that dropping a class in the middle of a party, because you didn't want to study for the midterm, was funny. You thought that it was a party trick. It became your party trick. Now you have to take eight credits in a semester, and, frankly, you are too dumb to handle that. But maybe if the classes are easy you can pull straight B's. It's worth a shot

However, researching classes is a lot of work, so here's a list of the easiest sounding classes at Penn.

1. Food and Fire 

2. Modern Children’s Literature: The Cat in the Sorting Hat

3. [Marketing Class Free Space]

4. Intro to Queer Theory (assuming you're homosexual)

5. Witchcraft & Possession (assuming you're a homosexual into tarot readings) 

6. Beginning Tabla I (the premier drum of north Indian and Pakistani classical music traditions)

7. Writing for Television

8. Writing Sem (you haven't taken it — we are sure)