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Innovative Fraternity Hosts Gatsby-Themed Mixer


Photo (with edits by Lauren Baron) by Musée Annam / CC-BY-SA 4.0

A few weekends ago, the brothers of Sigma Epsilon Chi disrupted Penn’s party scene during their mixer with Phi Omicron Omega. UTB reached out to ΣΕΧ for a comment on what made their party so successful.

"There's really no secret to what makes a great frat party," said Bryce Sentano, fraternity president. "All it takes is plenty of Bankers, a complete lack of lighting, and of course, a killer theme." 

In this case, the ΣΕΧ brothers broke new ground with a Great Gatsby themed party, synthesizing their love of iconic American literature with the creative opportunity afforded by the new decade. As the twenties begin their fabled roar, it's clear we can expect Penn's intellectually intrepid frats to continue the important work ΣΕΧ has begun. Sentano hinted at the possibility of a prohibition-themed mixer that could take place in the near future, but would not confirm anything, because "we don't want anyone else to steal our idea."