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Poly Sci Professor Once Again Vowing to Release Lectures On-Time Next Week


Photo by LaurMG / CC BY-SA 3.0

A professor from the political science department is vowing once again to publish his lectures on time next week, despite publishing lectures nearly a week late for every week since quarantine started. The professor will remain anonymous for his own sake, but he knows damn well who he is.

Said sophomore in the College and student in the class, Alex Hernandez, "There are lectures for this class?" Said another classmate, Julia Randal (C '20), "I'm in this class?" 

One brave student, Micah Lawrence (C' 22), reported that "It's actually pretty easy to keep up with the course because the professor posts at consistent intervals. If you plan ahead, do the readings, and ask questions in the discussion boards, it shouldn't matter that the professor posts the lectures a little late every week." These were Lawrence's last words before being brutally murdered by his classmates. Said his classmates in unison, "shut up, Micah."