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Gays Move to Now-Accepting Texas After Supreme Court Ruling


Photo by tedeytan / CC BY-SA 2.0

After the latest SCOTUS announcement, which stated that firing people based on their sexual orientation is illegal, the gays have announced that they are moving to The Lone Star State! Eager to explore The South, an area that has been historically homophobic, the gays have packed up their Subarus and are u-hauling it to the formerly forbidden region. 

"This Supreme Court decision changes everything! Because I can't get fired, everyone accepts me now!" explained one migrant, Paul Ru. Reports claim that the line of gays stretches for miles, even crossing state lines. "It's like Pride but in the form of a car parade. There's rainbow everywhere and you can hear Cher, Brittney Spears, or Lady Gaga from anywhere within a 30-mile radius. I guess we just want to announce ourselves to the Texans!" commented Jane Lunch.

Towards the front of the parade, the first few cars are currently entering Texas, we take our reporting to them. "Here we are finally approaching the Texas border. What's this? It looks like the Texans are lined up waiting for us! Wait. They're holding their guns. I guess that's the Texan way. Oop, the slurs are coming, I hear them now, but I feel like this time the slurs are coming from a point of acceptance." reflects Kathryn Mckinnon. 

We tried to talk one of the Texans who is lined up, but he refused to comment and simply repeated the chant "Go home f***. Texas ain't big enough for the both of us." It just goes to show that this SCOTUS decision is definitely a huge step for the entire LGBT community. Already so much has changed, I mean just look at the Texans.