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4 Pictures of Expired Milk That Will Make You Say 'That's Not Expired Milk. That's DNC Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden'


Photo from Flickr / CC 2.0

1. This picture might look like expired milk, but what I imagine this picture smells like and what I imagine Joe Biden smells like are exactly the same. 

expired milk.jpg

2. Just look at that foam - that nice familiar pouf that now covers the top of my milk carton from July, but also which comprises 99% of Joe Biden’s natural hair.

gross milk.jpeg

3. Did any of you guys know that there are only two free-license photos of expired milk on the entire internet? I sure didn’t...but there’s no turning back now. In other news, it’s eerie how much this next photo seriously looks like Joe Biden.


4. I got extremely desperate, so this is some moldy cheese! If you really think about it, moldy cheese is just extra expired milk, so this technically still counts. And just like DNC presidential nominee Joe Biden, I would vote for this moldy cheese if I had to!

moldy cheese.jpeg