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Breaking: My Social Skills During the Pandemic


Hi, um how are you doing? What have you and your um friends been up to? … sorry that’s a stupid question. We’re in a pandemic. Are we friends? Is that weird to ask? It would be nice if we were friends, though. Don’t you think?

Yeah so i erm have kinda been fine. I’ve only thrown up three times since this morning...

I’m still home with my parents after almost 8 months of living together. It’s been so long i could have had a baby with my family...hahahahaha just kidding. Oh, wait, sorry. Is that not funny? I think I forgot uhhh social norms.

Yeah no im sorry i didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I know that everyone had a hard time during the pandemic, like with all the death and sickness and stuff. That’s gotta be, um, a downer for those people. Wouldn’t wanna be them, haha! Oh i guess that’s insensitive … it’s very sad. No, but seriously though, being with my parents has really caused my social skills to atrophy. Im a physical and metaphorical sack of potatoes.

Anyways, really excited i got to talk to you and catch up!

*Turns away from mirror* 

“Perfect practice sesh, Miki! You’re gonna kill it when you finally see human people again.”