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OP-ED: Online University is Just OnlyFans for Masochists


Graphics by Darrion Chen / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Sometimes I just stare at my screen at my lecture and wonder why am I doing this to myself. I guess sometimes it feels good? I suppose it does feel good when I get a question right or when I turn in homework or when I complete an assignment but then I realize that it only feels good because it’s over because during the process it did not feel good. So pretty much the only reason I enjoyed the assignment was because eventually I got it done does this make a masochist?

It seems like we all enjoy putting ourselves through the pain of school work just so we can get out of it and feel better

And then I remember that I don’t even have to put myself through this pain. Hell I’m even paying for this pain, as if it was some sort of messed up online subscription service. I’m spending my money, my parents’ money, somebody’s money so I can be put through some pain and so I can get out of the pain and feel good about myself and eventually get a piece of paper. I really do suppose education is just some sort of pornographic show for your smarts. Except now with this education streaming service, your professors and your digital pleasures could literally be on the same computer screen. I now fail to see the difference between online education infrastructure and OnlyFans. 

I could just stop and be a masochist anymore but that would ruin my chances at finding a job. I guess it’s just a hidden fact that everyone who graduates university or gets hired at a job is really just a secret masochist.