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QUIZ: Are YOU the Silent Majority?


Photos in the public domain.

Election season is in full swing and we keep hearing that term "silent majority," but who is the silent majority really? Take this quiz to see if you are a part of this special group!

1. Who are you voting for?

A: Donald Trump
B: Joe Biden
C: Jo Jorgensen
D: Voting is not my thing

2. Do your friends agree with you politically?

A: No, but my parents do.
C: On some things, but not others.
D: I don't talk politics.

3. Where do you get your news?

A: FOX News
C: A variety (Snapchat, Buzzfeed News, etc.)
D: I don't read/watch the news.

4. Who won the first presidential debate?

A: Donald Trump
B: Joe Biden
C: The dabate was horrible but Jo Jorgensen's website crashed so I think SHE won.
D: I didn't watch the debate.

5. Who do you THINK will win the election?

A: Donald Trump
B: Joe Biden
C: I don't know but I hope 3rd party gets 15% so they can be in the debates next election.
D: Which election?

6. How are you voting?

A: In person on Election Day
B: Via mail
C: In person early (in public libraries, city halls etc)
D: I'm not.