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Students Make A Difference By Voting for Student Government


Photo by  Floridanana / CC Public Domain

Despite student government elections being held online, Penn students still proudly showed up to vote in the crucial student government election. 

College junior Sheila Ot was the first student to vote in the election.

“I was so excited to vote and make a difference in the Penn community!” said Ot. “As soon as the email was sent out, I immediately opened it and filled out the form, since I had nothing better to do.”

Wharton sophomore Joe Mend was the other student that voted in the Penn student government elections. Mend was originally concerned about the election. “At first I was worried about the online format. Candidates could cheat by altering online ballots. But I didn’t have a choice, so I still voted.”

Luckily for Mend, the election was not compromised due to the fact that two people voted in the election. 

Due to students’ votes, significant changes will be made to the Penn community