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Victory! New Statue Celebrating Black Womanhood Proof That Penn Is Anti-Racist, Progressive


Photo (with edits) by Kylie Cooper / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Let freedom ring! After years of emails emphasizing Penn's "commitment to justice," the University has finally achieved equality for all! What changed? Simple. On November 10th, the student body was informed that "Brick House," a new statue celebrating Black womanhood, had been erected on the corner of 34th and Walnut.

"We care so deeply for all our students, even, I mean, especially our students of color, so it was important for us to virtue signal our support for POC to the entire Philadelphia community," informed Gutmann in an exclusive UTB interview. "I mean, the statue is like 16 feet tall, and we didn't hide it away in some far off corner of campus, so we really do care, like a lot," she elaborated.

Clearly, Penn's latest installment sends a strong, anti-racist message to other universities who might not care about their students of color enough to put up a statue for them. We looked to other universities' responses to Penn's newest artwork. 

"Drexel is so proud of Penn for becoming a permanently anti-racist organization, a truly remarkable achievement. We know that for years to come, Penn can and will point to that statue to justify why they, unlike their peers are not racist and are, in fact, very progressive. Drexel hopes to follow suit in the future. Unfortunately, we currently are unable to afford an anti-racist prop, as we have significantly less money than the University of Pennsylvania," informed Norma Bouchard, dean of students at Drexel. 

Princeton, Penn's rival, was quick to announce the following in an email to the student body:

"Hello, Tigers! We wanted to let you know that we have been informed of Penn's Black womanhood statue, and have just ordered our own. Amazon Prime 2 day free shipping should pull through, and we should be able to put it up upon its arrival. Do not panic! Please rest assured that Princeton, like Penn, will soon be anti-racist and progressive, since we, unlike so many others, are rich enough to afford this security."