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Wayfair Pleased Everyone Forgot It Was Accused of Child Trafficking


Photo by Flickr (with edits by Julia Ellis) | CC BY 2.0

Wayfair executives have recently breathed a sigh of relief as the firm fades from the public eye as a human trafficker. Some say that the accusations were a completely baseless meme that started from a Reddit user asking: What if Wayfair is using its storage cabinets to traffic children? But what if they really are child traffickers? Wayfair even went out of their way to deny the claims of sex trafficking in July, but isn’t that exactly what human traffickers would say? I have emailed the Wayfair CEO and he has refused to comment further on this matter.

The human attention span is short and fickle, and I believe that as a society, we have failed the Wayfair children. The behemoth, morally ambiguous Wayfair corporation has gotten away with their crimes, all because a meme died out. Is this what we want to be remembered for in hundreds of years? That we have the power to topple big conglomerates as we near the edge of uncovering their horrors, but at the climax of the issue, we simply forget. 

Since the summer, Wayfair executives have been able to kick their feet up and relax after a stressful coverup. They were able to crack open a cold one with the boys surrounded by the storage cabinets that they deny ever contained any human beings.