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Black Friday? Why Isn’t There White Friday? #WhitePower


Photo By mmi9 with edits by Darrion Chen / Pixabay License

The liberals have gone too far. Now they even have a whole holiday for the blacks called Black Friday? This is so unfair, they even get huge discounts on consumer products just because they are black? 

There needs to be a White Friday, where whites get discounts on consumer items. After all, the whites were the ones that discovered this continent, conquered it, and civilized it. That’s some hard work! And the whites never get any credit for all that. Sure the whites had some help from the blacks working the farms and factories, but you know who brought them here? That’s hard work too! The whites deserve discounts on consumer items made by exploited underprivileged workers that aren’t white, it only makes sense that way! After Thanksgiving where the whites celebrate the spreading of smallpox to the indigenous population of North America and giving thanks to God for letting them slaughter and enslave, the whites deserve to celebrate by buying a huge discounted TV that they can eat their unseasoned microwave dinners in front of. 

It’s so ridiculous that whites don't get any privilege nowadays. There’s nothing special for the whites. There’s no White Lives Matter, there’s no National Association for the Advancement of White People, and now, there’s no White Friday! It’s ridiculous! Whites deserve some special reward and privileges for all the hard work of oppression that they’ve done in the United States.