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Mistake! Student With Poor Time Management Signs up for All Asynchronous Classes


Photo (with edits) by See-ming Lee (SML) / CC BY-SA 2.0

Advanced registration has ended and students got their first look at their spring semester schedules a few days ago. While some students were disappointed, others were lucky and got into all of their classes. One student, physics major Maya Patel C '23, was one of the lucky ones. "As I looked at my schedule, I couldn't believe I got into all of my classes! I mean, I know they're all completely asynchronous, but still," she reported.

Apparently, Patel hasn't been keeping her excitement to herself. "She showed up 25 minutes late to our meet-up and wouldn't shut up about it," informed Patel's friend, Megan Shultz. Other friends reported similar encounters with varying degrees of lateness on Patel's part. "She was an hour late," "She walked in 40 minutes late," and "She completely flaked but she did text me to tell me about her schedule and the episode of Emily in Paris she was watching," were lines that started several interviews with Patel's friends.

We asked her friends if Maya was often late to events and every one responded in the affirmative. "She is like sooo bad with time management," explained Sophia Mullaney C '22 "it's definitely a problem for her. She never turns anything in on time, she's really flakey, and unless she has some sort of set schedule she can't get anything done, but once you know her you learn to love her." 

We finally tracked down Patel, a chronic procrastinator who suffers from a severe lack of time management skills, to get her thoughts on her schedule. "No, I definitely don't think taking all asynchronous classes is a mistake. I know I've struggled with time management in the past, but I really want to make my own schedule, which is why I've elected to take all online classes. Yeah, there will be some days that I have to work really hard, but there will be others that I don't have to work at all. I get to pick when those days are."

Determined to break her bad habits of the past, Patel hopes to get a head start on the semester,  "I already have my classwork for this upcoming semester since it's all online," she informed, "so I'm going to actually get ahead in a bunch of my classes over break. I'll probably start that tomorrow."