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Wild! Despite Student Body Twitter Presence, High Schoolers Still Think Penn Is Cool


Screenshots by Alicia Lopez / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Everyone on Twitter knows about the Penn student body's hatred for Penn. On any given day, one can search "p*nn" and come face to face with dozens of Tweets from current attendees bashing the school. Yet even with this widely available knowledge, for an unknown reason, high schoolers still think that Penn is cool and continue to apply. This year, Penn had its largest applicant pool yet forcing students to consider one key question: why?

Some students speculate it's Penn's high prestige that drives high schoolers to apply. To this I respond, have you ever talked to a Penn student? Is there anything prestigious about a swarm of high school burn-outs? Let's face it, most of us peaked in high school, and those of us who didn't lost all will to do anything within weeks of setting foot on campus. PSA: If you all stop applying, the acceptance rate will go up. 

Then is it the location that brings people to Penn? Again I ask, have you ever been to Philadelphia? There's a reason David Lynch's Eraserhead was inspired by this curse of a city. From smoking grates and strange SEPTA noises to rusted buildings and chain-link fences, this city is a disaster. PSA: don't come here.

There's one final possibility. The one thing that causes high schoolers to flock to Penn despite Twitter's never-ceasing warnings against it is Penn's overwhelming sense of school spirit. From full-stadium sporting events to pep rallies and school cheer on Engagement Days, Penn really has a lot to offer. I guess we can understand what's driving the high schoolers to Penn: the community. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if @homewrecker69 Tweets "P*nn sucks because it's so elitist," seniors will keep applying.