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Campus Compact Misunderstanding? Frat Compacts Over 400 People from Campus Into House Party


Photo by Daniel Lin / CC BY-SA 2.0

 The brothers of Delta Upsilon Mu (DUM) have issued an apology over their massive house party last weekend which involved over 400 Penn students. 

The brothers cited a massive misunderstanding of the Penn Campus Compact.

The Penn Campus Compact is a contract that outlines acceptable behavior in accordance with pandemic guidelines for Penn students while on campus. However, the brothers had interpreted the Compact radically differently.

“When we read that we had to take part in the Penn Campus Compact, we were excited to do our part,” said Tod Bear. “We immediately began crunching the numbers to see how many people we could compact into our house for a party.”

As a result, the brothers of DUM were able to compact over 400 students from the Penn campus into their fraternity house last weekend. 

“It was very compact,” said Kat Walsh, who attended the compact. “We were all squished up against each other — I felt very compact. I’ve never felt more compacted in my life.”