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Coming Soon: OrPizza, NorPizza, XorPizza, NotPizza


Graphics by Darrion Chen


Under heavy demand from the computer science community, popular pizza chain &pizza has announced that they will be opening four new locations across the campus, named OrPizza, NorPizza, XorPizza, and NotPizza.

“I was getting tired of &pizza” said computer science senior Koad Alday. “I felt really limited by only being able to use the and gate, so with these new shops opening up soon, I am excited to try out all the other logic gates as well.”

In order to make these new pizza places possible, &pizza has changed their business model to follow the Law of Total Probability. In a press statement released by &pizza, they gave an example of their new business model: when someone orders a pizza from OrPizza, a respective customer at NorPizza will receive the complement of the original order. Thus, the Law of Total Probability is satisfied. 

“I am particularly interested in trying out NotPizza,” said Alday. “I’ve heard that they have a  diverse menu of non pizza items.”