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COVID-19 Slay! Couples Share Saliva Vial to Save Time Getting Tested


Photo by Marco Gomes with edits by Darrion Chen / CC BY 2.0

After long lines and delays for COVID-19 testing, Penn has announced a new plan to fast-track testing for all students. The new procedure encourages couples who are dating to share the same spit tube

“With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, we thought it would be appropriate for couples to spit into the same tube” said Penn health advisor Iki Salot. “They were already going to slobber all over each other anyway. This way, we can test two people at once.”

Couples are welcome to get tested together. At testing centers, couples will be given only one tube. They are welcome to take turns spitting into it, and they are also welcome to spit in it at the same time. 

Alternatively, if one member of the pair cannot make testing, couples are recommended to make out thoroughly, and then immediately have one of them get tested. Due to these new testing protocols, there has been an increase in elaborate kissing outside of testing centers. 

“I think this is great for the Penn community,” said freshman Tessa Positiv. “Not only are we doing our part in testing and combating the virus, we are also spreading love all over campus.”