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Intro to Marketing Professor Calls for All Essays to be Written in Clickbait Format AND YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT


Photo by Lord Belbury / CC BY-SA 4.0

Intro to Marketing Professor Theodore Waddell recently sent out an email to all of his students entitled “Five Reasons Why We Are Switching to Clickbait Format (And Five Reasons Why We Should Absolutely Do No Such Thing).” Students were confused by the contradictory nature of the email. Is this, as the email claimed, what it looked like when a college class embraced the unique challenges of reaching a large viewer demographic in an Internet culture that is becoming increasingly niche? And if the email contained fifteen things you’d never thought you’d hear a professor say, why did at least ten of them sound identical while the other five were just ads? 

You’ll never look at academic success the same after taking this course! Stuart March (C’23) discovered how to achieve incredible results in the class with one simple trick and posted a picture of the email to Reddit with the title “This is the LAST marketing class you’ll EVER need.” He has been granted an automatic A in the course as well as receiving over 50k upvotes. 

All essays are now to be turned in over Facebook or published immediately to Upworthy or Buzzfeed, and class credit will be granted for any viral tweets