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Innovative! Meet the Management and CIS Students Launching the "Uber" for Indentured Servitude


Photo by nastya_gepp / CC0

Twenty-first century society is characterized by plentiful consumer choice for tech-enabled conveniences. UberEats, Co-Star, Amazon and many other apps have become fixtures in our daily routines. Their ubiquity has inspired global entrepreneurial endeavor as investors race to identify the next dominant platform. Martin Tiwari (SEAS’ 22) and Sarah Gomez (W’ 23) have taken notice.

“It was always about finding the right niche,” Gomez explained as she explored the origin of her and Tiwari’s app, Serv. “Building a business requires a sharp eye for locating gaps in the market,” Gomez said before Tiwari added, “what your average urban professional or college student truly desires is perpetual, unpaid servitude.” 

Applying the brilliant knowledge Gomez had acquired through her coursework in the Wharton School, Gomez perceived a quick and innovative way to minimize labor costs: removing wages. “We were really shocked other firms hadn’t tried this before,” Tiwari said. He later gave an artful account of how the Serv algorithm maximizes productivity while crushing workers’ spirit. 

Cementing Penn’s status as the premier institution for educating the next crop of parasitic elites, Tiwari acknowledged his huge debt of gratitude to the university. “The friends, memories, and LinkedIn connections I’ve made on this campus will last a life time.”